Terms of Guarantee,

Stedman Nurseries Inc. agrees to provide a 100% limited guarantee on all trees and shrubs installed by our nursery. This guarantee will allow purchaser to have replaced at no charge any tree or shrub that fails to grow within five years of planting. This guarantee is subject to the limitations and restrictions as stated below.

Limitations To Guarantee,

1). Guarantee does not allow for replacement of trees and shrubs that were destroyed by vandalism, fire, flood, wild or domestic animals or plants destroyed by physical or equipment damage. Trees and shrubs must have received reasonable care and the invoice paid when due.

2). Stedman Nurseries will not make cash refunds under any circumstances and will never be responsible for any amount that is greater than the actual cost of the tree or shrub when purchased.

3). A plant is considered dead when 50% of the plant is not living. This can only be determined by a representative of Stedman Nurseries. Dead plants will be replaced only with another plant of the same variety and size of the original if it is available. If this is not available, customers may select trees and/or shrubs of their choice not to exceed original cost of plants.

4). Stedman Nurseries will guarantee for one full year, the replacement of both the plant purchased and the planting fee, providing the purchaser provided proper care, as well as notifying Stedman Nurseries with any problems with the purchased plant prior to loss of plant.

5). If the plant dies after the first year and through the fifth year, Stedman’s will only replace the plant and will not be responsible for the planting of the replacement plants.

6). This guarantee does not warranty staking, mulching, or any other materials used in planting.

7). Stedman’s will make up to three replacements of any plant. After the second replacement the plant or the location may need to be changed to improve its chance of survival.

8). To ensure proper service please keep this guarantee in a safe place and present it to us when requesting service.