The Newfane Garden Center Has been open to the public since 1950. Until then we only sold to the Wholesale trade but the public just kept interrupting us so it was decided to sell our plants without a middleman to the public. We call it Direct from the Grower to You. Over the years we added two more Garden Centers in WNY and Stedman’s grew by leaps and bounds until it was decided in 2002 we just couldn’t keep up with wholesale sales nationwide. The biggest landscape company in WNY and three successful Garden Centers was too much. Quality was slipping in our growing operation while trying to keep up. So, rather than cheating on quality and all the things that made Stedman’s successful we closed two of out three Garden Centers. The Newfane Garden Center was kept open first because of its long time history and second because it is on the same piece of property where our main container farm is located. This gives the public twenty acres of plants to choose from the largest selection in WNY. Customers can walk through our growing farm and choose plants right out of their growing bed. Some hunt for hours looking at thousands of plants to choose one.

Stedman’s is known for its Everyday Low Prices, High Quality, Hardy to WNY Weather Plants. Our Knowledgeable Sales Team makes it all worth the trip out to see us. They will take the time to answer your questions and solve your problems. Also will work with you to insure the purchase you are making is the right one for your situation. They understand a sale is only a sale for a day, but a satisfied customer is sales for life.

*Home of the 1 year no hassle guarantee on every plant we sell.

*Lowest Prices Everyday Guaranteed.

*Our plants thrive in WNY because they are meant to be in WNY, not Ohio or Virginia, or Texas

The Christmas Store is open from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve.  Make Fresh Wreaths, Kissing Balls, Live and Cut Christmas Trees, many ornaments and decorations.