My Promise

As the president at Stedman’s, I have great confidence in the people that represent our company. We have landscaped thousands of homes and businesses all over WNY since 1920. We have a long reputation for creating beautiful landscaping and our employees are knowledgeable and hard working.

Yet, on very rare occasions some problems may seem unsolvable and often people don’t know what to do. . . so here is my promise to you:

If you are not pleased for any reason with the results of the landscape beautification work completed by Stedman’s, please call me personally and I will do whatever it takes to make it right.

Pleasing you with the most beautiful landscaping at a fair price is important to me too, because I want you to be so pleased with our work that you cannot help but tell your friends and neighbors. These personal referrals are where most of our work comes from.


Joel D. Campbell
(716) 778-8540