The Nursery

Our Nursery started in 1920 on twenty acres of property in Newfane NY. In the year 1950 we added an additional eighty acres. Between the year 1950 and 1972 we added another forty acres. Between the year 1972 and 1989 we added an additional 60 acres. In 1995, we added 80 more acres bringing our total growing acreage to 280 acres.

Stedman’s currently has 300,000 container growing plants, one million plants, trees and perennials. We are consuming two million gallons of water yearly to ensure all products growing receive the water they need to properly grow to their greatest potential. We have a very great selling area ranging from Vermont to Virginia and west to Denver.

Stedman’s best selling plant of all time is currently the Arborvitae.

The average length of time it takes to produce a plant is 7 years. The average length of time to produce a 2″ caliper tree is 10 years.

The best advice we can offer: Plants need only 3 things to grow and thrive in WNY.

  1. Sun
  2. Water
  3. Food

Supply the correct amounts of the above items and in time you will have success, growing anything you desire. We guarantee it.